Welcome to our site!

As founders of Elevate Your Being, we have a joint passion of creating a legacy we can pass on to our inheritance. We are both creative and have a inner drive to help others in best matters, so they can proceed on elevating to the best version of their selves.

As we have several projects we continuously work on, we jugle our work in-between being partens to three teenagers, but still finds time to do things we like, enjoy, find interesting, viewing our work also as pleasure and having fun. We love learning new things, which drives us non-stop onwards!

We are blessed to have the few good business partners, friends and most of all family, that rides the wave with us, stands by us at challenging times, and celebrates the wins. Isn’t that what life is all about?

We will be launching our services very soon, and we are definite we can help you in some way, regardless of the challenges you have or are facing. We are here for you, standing with you, guiding you on your process, your purpose, dreams and goals, that you want to focus on.

If you are curious, follow us on Instagram 😊 more information will follow!