The Founders

Anabelle C. Gerardo-Unnli, Founder.

Her parents came to Oslo Norway from the Philippines in the mid 1970’s for work, 1977 Anabelle was born and raised in a multicultural home, blending Filipino and Norwegian traditions. 

Her educational background contains of 2,5 years at Salford University in Manchester (UK), several different Leadership Programs, Diploma in Project Management from Metier Academy, Diplomas in different Red Cross FirstAid Instructor certifications, active with Red Cross Auxiliary Corps, Educational Diploma in Environmental Management at the University of Agder and BI Oslo, Certified Eco-Lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn) Consultant, Educational Diploma as HSE Advisor from AOF Fagskole Oslo, Certified PMT Mental Trainer from PMT Mentaltrainer Academy at Stein Kvalheim AS, and soon to have an Educational Diploma in Nutrition & Dietary Advisor from Tunsberg Medisinske Skole (ongoing). 

She has worked in the restaurant and cafe branch as waitress, barista, chef, head chef, staff trainer and manager. Later she also certified as security guard, working at bars, events and big festivals. She has also worked her way up and advanced from consultant to regional manager and other sales and marketing manager positions in different companies. Her leader experience runs over two and a half decades, giving her a major understanding of human behavior, through experience.

Today her motherly focus is on the three teenagers at home and their bonus daughter, she also runs the company Decision Making, with occasional help from her husband. She has 13-14 years experience (on and off) from the network marketing industry, working with different companies throughout the years. Her focus has always been personal development, building up others, the workplace, the culture, the team, in every workplace she has set her fot in. 

She still finds time studying different topics or subjects, also sharing her knowledge and experience through their concept TradingHub Program and other programs and projects, including being one of the founders of Elevate Your Being Community.

Aleksander Gerardo-Unnli, Founder.

Aleks has over 25 years experience as a leader on different levels. From a teamleder to CEO. 

He helped start up a company that deliver development and training with LEAN principles and have a understanding in how to implement improvements.  

His carrier started when he was 16 years old. That was painting pallets yellow in a damp cellar at a warehouse. As he got within legal age, he moved forward as a warehouse employee working in different departments and taking an education in electronics.

Then he joined the Navy and trained as a deep sea diver, he has always been adventurous type, he loves the thrill. He is an experienced educator as he has been an instructor in the military.  He learned how to stay calm in stressful situations when he worked as a deep sea diver and in a quick reaction force in the army. For the next 10 years he was in and out of private sector and the in military. Did some work a couple of years in private sector before he went back to the Navy as a diving instructor and as a second in command in a diving squad and later in a quick reaction force in the military.

Today he works as Operation Manager at one of Norways biggest warehouse within construction and retail, while he also helps sharing his knowledge and experience through their concept TradingHub Program and other programs and projects in the company Decision Making, including being one of the founders of Elevate Your Being Community.