Our Mission & Vision

Mission: “To serve and support people on their journey towards financial growth and freedom.”

Vision: “Elevate one million families!”

About Us:

There are some things that are certain in life. You’re always presented with a choice and the decision you make will set the course of your life, dictate your path onwards.

It’s up to you to stop up, analyze and resonate the opportunity or the problem you see in front of you. The way you evaluate the situation dictates the mindset of the choice you make.

Have you ever thought about this before?

So, when someone gives you an idea, plants the seed in your head, which then outgrows into an action plan, will you dare to take it?

Will you check out the possibilities or will you let the idea just lay there comfortably in the skies of your thoughts? Will you create motions to create emotions?

When I heard the business strategy of one of our founders, who actually already put in motion what I’ve been pondering about since I started with this company, I had to cheer her on, whenever I had the chance. For a while I was a bit hesitant but had to contact her in the end even though I didn’t know her, I had to share with her my thoughts and ambitions, as we obviously were carrying the same dream and vision.

Little did I know that I reached out in the neck of time. Or maybe it was the perfect timing, as the Universe has shown us ever since that day.

When you make a decision, the Universe and God provides for you what you need at any given time. But you have to be firm in your decision, or the force will try to rock you, just to check if you’re really sure of the decision you’ve made. Are you sticking to it?

But if you are certain, then the force will do everything to provide you with whatever you need at the right time.

Have you ever thought about this before?

This exclusive crossline collaboration between Selian Group and Decision Making was already set by the stars, all of us just had to make THE heartfelt decision that it will be as we all desire.

For this we are truly happy and forever grateful. And the best part? We have only just begun.


Bella Gerardo-Unnli

Airbourne to Dubai, 07th of February 2024.

The day my life was shipwrecked, it seemed like any other day.

There was no sign of an approaching storm, nor was it a misreading of the chart, nor was it the sweet song of sirens that provoked it. 

It was a head-on collision with an iceberg. An iceberg called “Real Estate Bubble” that burst and made everything explode in a single instant. 

My life was sinking like the Titanic, irremediably, in the darkness with a groan, mixing surprise and pain.

It took me a year to sink to the bottom. The material losses were great but also the personal losses, friends and family and gaining humiliation and defamation. 

In 2008 I closed the door to a life of financial and real estate business, thinking I would never open it again.

And why then, after so many years, did I open the door again?

One man’s purpose and vision.

Hassan Mahmoud’s journey is not a fairy tale.

It is a story about intelligence, successes, mistakes, pain and tears but above all about overcoming. 

Overcoming, believing and creating and continuing to create even when you are alone with your dreams. 

Knowing that we are not the sum of our mistakes but the sum of our successes and mistakes.

And we must learn to win more times than we lose. 

As we learn in this trading school created by a man with a great vision.


Why am I back? 

Because I am in the right place, with the right people and doing the right thing.

Because, as a wise man once said, there is always light, if only we are brave enough to see it.

If only we are brave enough to be it.


Franchesca de Selian,

Gothenburg, 26th February 2024.

I always had a dream to be free from financial burdens and to be able to help my family, friends and the community for a better financial future. 

With trading I am able to have an extra income. But before I figured out how to trade and earn money on trading, it’s a study in not just the trend’s and the graphs, it is also a study to become something more. Self confidence, emotions, knowing yourself in understanding what potentials that lays beneath. And in the same time be a part of a community that will help and cheer you forward. All in the spirit of Eaconomy and Hassan Mahmoud, the founder, who set the vision in elevating one million families.

With us, as part of the Eaconomy, you will be able to study and achieve personal and financial goals that you strive for. And join our learning community and fellow traders, all from beginners to professionals.

I hope you will be a part of our community and learn new skills with us.  

Aleksander Gerardo-Unnli

Late at night, Mysen, 1th of Mars 2024.