EA Educators

Jessica Ramos

Market expertise: Stock Options, Eminus Stock Options, Forex

Jessica Ramos is a renowned stock option educator who teaches Stock Options. She offer her expertise through Eaconomy and her own company exclusively, on every level: beginners, intermediate and advanced. She host weekly live trading sessions and usually charges $ 300 per hour for 1 on 1 trading coaching, her bootcamps are included in the Eaconomy student subscription. Our experience is that she is an excellent teacher who really cares for her students, where she and her team makes sure the students comprehend the strategies being taught, and proceeds on to making their own analysis and putting their own trades in. She brings so much value in her mentoring, always keeping it real and being honest, for the students best process and education. Follow her on SoMe.

Ralph Danquah

Market expertise: Forex, Manara

Ralph Danquah has a background as a music teacher, and is very dedicated in teaching in a way many people can relate to. His expertise is the Forex market and he also host tutorials on our scanner tool Manara. He teaches in a calm and dedicated way, always making the students can follow him easily. Follow him on SoMe.

Luis Leal

Market expertise: Forex, Eminus & Manara Espanol

Luis Leal has been in the trading Industry almost 30 years and is one of our most beloved and experienced teacher. His teaching is for everyone wanting to learn how to trade Forex and learn how to protect and grow your investments. He is also a Master Trader for large investment cooperations, and he host tutorials on the Manara AI in Spanish. Follow him on SoMe.

Abdallah Harfouch

Market expertise: Indicies US30, Eminus Arabic, Forex

Abdallah Harfouch is our master scalper/ sniper when it comes to doing short trades. And when we say short, they are really short, as in matters of seconds! He is also a very good educator and teach in both English and Arabic. He loves sharing trading knowledge and explains in detail what you need to consider if you want to do short, interdays and long trades. Follow hin on SoMe.

Ivan Canales

Market expertise: Stock Options Espanol

Ivan Canales was one of Jessica Ramos students and har collaborated with the educator in making a Spanish Stock Option program. He had an amazing process following Jessica Ramos’s lead, which led to him starting mentoring Spanish speaking students in Eaconomy, alongside Jessica Ramos. He host Spanish Stock Option tutorials and shares his trade ideas. Therefore he is now the educator of Stock Options in Spanish for the whole Spanish speaking community in Eaconomy. Follow them on SoMe.

Chase Campos

Market expertise: products and services of Eaconomy

Chase Campos is one of our service describer who shares his knowledge on how the different services work. He does his orientations zoom calls every Mondays and Fridays, just join his calls through our ECA platform. Follow him on SoMe.

Edris Mahmoud

Market expertise: Manara AI

Edris Mahmoud is an expert in utilizing Manara AI for signals, analyzing and sharing his trade ideas. He host tutorials in ECA and live trading on Manara AI in ECA Masterclass.

Crypto – DefiVerse

Krypto Picasso & Kevin B

Market expertise: Crypto

Crypto Picasso and Kevin Barquero are the creators behind DefiVrse and with them they have a team of professional crypto traders. DefiVrse deliver their services exclusively to Eaconomy. Eventhough they provide their own platform and their services is an add-on to the different subscriptions Eaconomy has, a student can choose to follow DefiVrse only, if they are only interested in crypto trading. We highly recommend both one of the Eaconomy packages and DefiVrse as add-on, as a trader should always seek for learning more and expanding their trading knowledge.

SoMe Links to our Corporates & EA Educators

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Jessica Ramos: IG: stock_bae I TikTok: SayYes2Jess I YouTube: SayYes2Jess

Ralph Danquah: IG: mrdanquah

Luis Leal: IG: papaforex.oficial

Abdallah Harfouch: IG: abdallah.harfouch

Ivan Canales: IG: urboiiv I IG: hermanosdetendencia1

Chase Campos: IG: chaseprofits111

Crypto Picasso: IG: cryptopicasso_420

Kevin A. Barquero: IG: kevinbarquero7